Open source geocoder and addresses / POIs databases

Gisgraphy provides forward and reverse geocoding, geolocalisation, and vehicle tracking web services. Gisgraphy uses a unique, worldwide and consolidated Addresses / POIs database (+500 million entries). We offer offline (on-premise / local installation), online (hosted web-service), and database extracts (CSV or SQL) to use in Gisgraphy or an external project (commercial or not).

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Web services

Gisgraphy is an open source geocoder that can be installed and run offline on your servers. It provides worldwide coverage and is based on open data (Openstreetmap, Openaddresses, Geonames and Quattroshapes). Gisgraphy can be used for commercial purposes without restriction : You can cache, store, or display results on any map (unlike Google Maps). Want to find out more about relevance and coverage ? Want to compare the relevance with other geocoders ? Don't know where to start ? Read more

We have several web services :

Gisgraphy is flexible and powerful, and can be used in a lot of different use cases. You can integrate gisgraphy using:API to integrate Gisgraphy into your app, On a leaflet map, in Symfony with our connectors, in an mobile application, with a routing engine as graphhopper or in GPS tracking systems (OpenGTS or Traccar), or even from an Excel Sheet

1 : except the address parser

POIs, streets and addresses database

Only interested in data ? We have built a unique and worldwide addresses, POIs, streets, cities, and administrative divisions database. Split by country, available in CSV or SQL format. We use a wide variety of high quality open data sources : Openstreetmap, Openaddresses, Geonames and Quattroshapes. For each dataset, we aggregate and merge, de-duplicate, and consolidate the data.

- Addresses : +416 million
- POIs : +40 million
- Cities : +4.8 million
- streets : +110 million

+416 million addresses

+40 million POIs

+4.8 million cities

+110 million streets

Premium plans

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Gisgraphy can be installed and run offline but we also offer affordable hosted services. Plans start at 80€.

No commitment, no lock-in. There is not automatic renewal. You stay in control of your budget.

The price of our addresses, streets, or POIs database is simple : you pay per line.

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