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Gisgraphoid is a part of the free open-source Gisgraphy geocoder (as the Gisgraphy address parser, and the Gisgraphy geocoder). It provides you the ability to do geocoding on your Android mobile or tablet with the same Geocoder API as Google but with Gisgraphy. It is free, does not require the Google API on the phone, has no API key and no limits (when installed locally on your servers). You can display the results on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps (Google API key required). The Gisgraphy geocoder can be used when no geocoder is present.

Source code

The source code is freely available on Github.


Gisgraphoid screenshots


Gisgraphoid is packaged as

  • A jar
  • An apklib

Both can be downloaded at Gisgraphoid download server
Gisgraphoid :

  • contains the Gisgraphy geocoder (of course)
  • contains a mocked-up geocoder to simplify development
  • Use Maven
  • have some useful layout (e.g : a layout to display results on an OpenStreetMap map with OSMDroid)
  • all the tests resources that allow you to modify the code and re-run the tests to avoid regressions


A demo application called "Gisgraphoid demo" will give you some examples of code to use. You can find it on the Android marketplace or download it on Gisgraphy download site. It is all free and open source (Browse sources).

Terms and conditions

The goal of Gisgraphy is to provide a free open-source and production-ready geocoder. You can test all the Gisgraphy web-services on You can find all the necessary information on terms and conditions here. You can use Gisgraphoid with the free web-services for testing, but do not use the free services for production. You can easily install Gisgraphy on your own server, or if you need, we can provide Premium services. For the moment free services do not require a Gisgraphy API key; if people abuse the free services, we will be forced to restrict access.