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Gisgraphy is a world wide open source geocoder. It provides a geocoding web-service (API) to convert an address or place to its GPS coordinates (latitude / longitude). It may be used for commercial purposes without restriction : You can cache, store, or display results on a map or not.
We also provide Reverse Geocoding that convert a lat / long coordinate to a postal address. Reverse Geocoding is commonly used for GPS vehicle tracking software (OpenGTS or Traccar includes a Gisgraphy client)

Based on open data (Openstreetmap, Openaddresses, Geonames and Quattroshapes). Our code is also open(source) and freely available on Github.


Premium plans

Gisgraphy can be installed and run offline but we also offer affordable hosted services. Plans start at 80€.

No commitment, no lock-in. There is not automatic renewal. You stay in control of your budget.

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Features and relevance

Gisgraphy has all the necessary features that modern geocoder must have :

  • Location bias : search around a GPS point for a given radius or give more importance to nearests results
  • Fuzzy search and spell checking : find reslts even if they are not corectly spelled.
  • Structured address : provide a string or each individual part of the address (City, Street name, house number)
  • House number interpolation : estimate the addres position if the address is not in the database
  • Learn more by reading the user guide

You got several solutions to test the relevance :

  • Online Demo
  • Play with the web-services
  • Compare the relevance with other providers. We've got nothing to hide.

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We make it Easy

Gisgraphy provides a solution for your use case. You can consume our hosted geocoding webservice, host the geocoding webservice on your own servers, or batch geocode.

Hosted web services

Subscribe to our hosted premium web services. No downloading, no installation and configuration. You don't have to worry about the technical details, we handle that, you just use it ! Choose the plan that fits your need and get a scalable and performant geocoding solution, including an SLA. Plans start at 80€.

Batch geocoding

Send us your CSV /TSV files and we send it back with new columns filled by our web services. we can also process other formats. just ask for a quote. Price is per lines but we have a good price for high number of records.

Offline use

Gisgraphy can be run completly offline, the data are stored on your server. There are many installation options including :

Get started in ten seconds

We got solutions to ease things :

All our web-services can be output in several formats : XML (default), JSON, PHP, Python, YAML, ruby, Atom and Georss. For PHP, Python, Ruby, and JSON, You can simply eval the return string. See some examples

You can also explore the API or learn more by reading the documentation on all the possibilities or read the FAQ

Geocoding :


Reverse geocoding :


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Our other webservices

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