OpenSearch Module

Gisgraphy is available in multiple ways with add-ons : OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.
It is supported by Internet Explorer (for versions >= 7) and Firefox (for versions >= 2).
It gives users the ability to add the Gisgraphy search engine in the search box of the browser :

OpenSearch in Internet Explorer 7 : openSearch in Internet Explorer 7

OpenSearch in Firefox : openSearch in Firefox

To add Gisgraphy in Firefox, go to the full-text search page, simply click on the menu of the search box and select "add gisgraphy", then you will have the ability to do searches with Gisgraphy :

add gisgraphy openSearch in Firefox

You can do the same In Edge :

add gisgraphy openSearch in internet explorer
Note that you can search even if you're not on the Gisgraphy web site.