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Premium services and consulting

What's this?

Gisgraphy is a totally free open source framework under the LGPL license :
Here are some reasons why you should need premium services:
  • You're not familiar with informatics, or you simply don't want to worry about what's under the hood.
  • You want to use Gisgraphy with your own data (you can add data via the web interface)
  • You can not use the free services because of the Terms and Conditions.
  • You want Gisgraphy to be installed and configured the best way
  • You want custom development
  • Probably some other good reasons :) ...

Premium services are currently in beta state, that just mean that we want to polish things before production but the services are fully operational. During our beta state you get 20% off on ALL premium services!


If you need, we can install Gisgraphy for you on your own server. We install it from scratch on Linux or Macintosh (Windows is not recommended, due to poor performance).
We need :
  • A User/password with admin rights and Internet access
  • ssh vnc, or RDP access

We can install Gisgraphy, once PostgreS and PostGIS is set up, or we can install PostgreS and PostGIS for you but we don't install operating systems. The only requirement is to have enough disk space (see requirements). We run the importer according the countries and features you need and we set it up to get the best performance. Of course, performance depends on the server configuration which we have no control over (but you do!) so you can understand that we don't give any warranty about performance. If you need hosted services, you can choose the Hosted premium services.
With extended and full installation, we run the importers on our high performance dedicated servers and inject the data directly, this way, you save time, and your server is ready as soon as it is installed (you don't have to wait while the import is done). This is useful if you want to import a lot of 'big' countries (US, France, Germany are the biggest countries)

price in europrice in dollar 1 euro = 1.4 dollar
Data injection*
By importer
by dump (faster)
by dump (faster)
*The data used is exactly the same as the data used on the site (you can check when the data was processed on the download site). If you need more recent data, choose a more recent dump.

Advice :
  • If you have more than one server to install, we recommend an Extended Install for the first server and a Basic Install for the other servers (we can run the same dump).
  • If you want us to install PostgreS on all servers, choose Full install for all servers
  • We strongly recommend that you read the FAQ. If there is still something unclear, send an email.


Recent dumps

GeoNames and OpenStreetMap data is totally free. The Gisgraphy importer downloads it from the GeoNames download server for GeoNames data, or from the Gisgraphy download server (The reason why data is not directly downloaded from OpenStreetMap is because the data is pre-processed. We extract streets, calculate lengths, middle points, clean up some values, improve names (especially for fleet tracking), and so on. The other reason is because we thought that it is would be simple to import CSV, instead of a complicated XML one ;)), We compute OpenStreetMap in CSV format but due to the time it takes, we do it only one or two times a year. We also compute the SQL dump (with GeoNames and OpenStreetMap data) that can be directly injected into PostgreS to be used by Gisgraphy. If you need a more recent dump, we can process it and send you the file.
price in europrice in dollar 1 euro = 1.4 dollar
OpenStreetMap and GeoNames SQL dump + SolR dump
All countries
US only
Other countries
*The price depends on the amount of data and the frequency you need. We propose periodical updates : the more you buy, the less you pay. Contact us - we will draw up a personal estimate.

About disk space :
SolR dump200 Gb32 Gb
SQL dump52 Gb17 Gb

so you need at least the uncompressed disk space *2 on your server (one for decompression, one for import)

OpenStreetMap data extraction

We are already providing gigabytes of data on our download server :
  • 34 million house numbers; 76 million streets; 7 million POIs; 4,3 million cities; 216,000 city shapes. Split by country in CSV / TSV format
  • PBF files split by country.

Based on our experience of the OpenStreetMap model, we can provide some extractions of OpenStreetMap data. We can extract :
  • Addresses : The Gisgraphy importer links houses to streets, streets to city, city to state, and state to country, so we can extract addresses.
  • Extraction based on OpenStreetMap tags
  • Custom tag extract for streets, zipcodes, house numbers, Points of interest, city, whatever.
  • PBF files / metro extracts for a particular area
  • In several formats (SQL, CSV, Json, wkt, shape,...)
  • With periodic updates
  • For a city, a sate, a country, a bounding box, or the entire planet.

Feel free to contact us, we will provide a free quotation.

Premium webservice (beta)

No downloading, no installation and configuration, don't worry about the technical details, just use it! Choose a rate (number of requests per minute) and we take care of everything. You have a dedicated administration interface that is updated in real-time. It allow you to see if you have exceeded the rate allowed and how many times as well as some other useful information. The price is a 'by webservice price'. There is a backup server in case the main one is down. We recommend that you include failover handling on the client side. Note that if you opt for a one year fee, you only pay for 10 months. All our webservice are scalable.

price in europrice in dollar 1 euro = 1.4 dollar
Credits \ Rate
Unlimited / month
Unlimited / year
A (30 req/min)
B (60 req/min)
C (120 req/min)
D (300 req/min)

If you need more requests, we can also provide dedicated hosting.


Need specific functionality ? Tell us your needs, we will see if it exists yet and if not, we can estimate how long it will take and when it will be done. Based on this we can provide a custom quote for you.

More ?

Need something else ? send an email

What do I have to do to order, what are the next steps?

Click the order button to send a mail (A better order interface is currently being tested). We will discuss your needs. For premium webservices (and after our discussion), you will get:
  • An URL and an API key to use
  • A backup URL in case the main server is down
  • An URL to access your admin interface with your login and password

For an installation, after you tell us what you need and give access to the server(s), I can tell you when I can install Gisgraphy.
For a dump, I can tell you the importer server availability (I run dumps one after the other).

We strongly recommend that you read the FAQ.