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Gisgraphy V 4.0 is out !

It has been longer than expected, but, I am proud to announce that the Version 4.0 of Gisgraphy is now available. It is a major revision where a LOT of functionality has been added :
  • A new dedicated server has been added
  • A new (MONSTER) server is now dedicated for import
  • 100% of data has been added!
  • OpenStreetMap POIs are now imported
  • OpenStreetMap cities with their shapes are now imported
  • Able to restrict the import to a given list of place types
  • A lot of place types added (Cinema, Dentist, Doctor, Fuel, NightClubs, Pharmacy, Rental, Shop, Swimming Pool, Taxi, Telephone, Toilet, Veterinary,...see all)
  • You can now download raw PBF files split by country on the download server
  • Importer now downloads all the files it needs before starting (fail fast if all files are not there)
  • House numbers are now imported
  • Streets now has alternate names
  • Dedicated reverse Geocoding webservice.
  • Country Code is no longer required for geocoding! :)
  • Address parser has been STRONGLY improved and is now a dedicated product
  • We can now tell the difference in GeoNames between populated place and cities (GeoNames has no concept of cities, just populated places that can be suburb, quarter, whatever)
  • Possibility to geocode structured addresses
  • Relevance has been improved
  • Better management of alphabet, accent and special chars (e.g :oe)
  • Some libraries have been extracted to makes modules
  • Geocoding and fulltext service now return ZIP (is_in_zip), adm (is_in_adm), city (is_in_city), and place (is_in place)
  • Fulltext engine now return the scoring
  • We remove duplicates alternate names and zip codes between GeoNames and OpenStreetMap
  • Migrated to a newer SolR version >3.6.
  • User interface improved.
  • Admin interface improved.
  • Documentation updated
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed
  • Feedback have been taken into account
  • ....Read the complete change log and all commits, note that Gisgraphy source is now on Github and the Google code repository won't be used any more

You can download it and give your feedbacks. You can also try it on the free server.

I now focus on feedback, bug fixes, and relevance tuning.

Enjoy !