adding openstreetmap data later

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adding openstreetmap data later

Postby kartta » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:41 pm

I did not choose to include openstreetmap data during the initial import. How can I add it later?
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Re: adding openstreetmap data later

Postby gisgraphy » Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:25 pm

nothing have benn developped for this but a workaround is possible :

- stop the web application
- delete the file (importerStatusList) from /data/import/IMPORTER-METADATA-DO_NOT_REMOVE
- create an empty file named importNotAlreadyDone in the "IMPORTER-METADATA-DO_NOT_REMOVE" folder
comment all the geonames importer in the applicationContext-geoloc.xml in web-inf/classes like this:

<bean id="importers" class="java.util.ArrayList">
<!-- <ref bean="geonamesFileRetriever"/>
<ref bean="admExtracter" />
<ref bean="geonamesLanguageImporter" />
<ref bean="geonamesCountryImporter" />
<ref bean="geonamesAdm1Importer" />
<ref bean="geonamesAdm2Importer" />
<ref bean="geonamesAdm3Importer" />
<ref bean="geonamesAdm4Importer" />
<ref bean="geonamesFeatureImporter" />
<ref bean="geonamesAlternateNamesImporter" />
<ref bean="geonamesDatabaseIndexer" />
<ref bean="openstreetmapFileRetriever" />-->
<ref bean="openStreetMapImporter"/>
<ref bean="openstreetmapDatabaseIndexer"/>

- start the application ( ./
- rerun the import and (enable openstreetmap and disable geonames)

every feedback on this is appreciate

Hope it helps

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