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Here are the feedbacks for gisgraphy, on the services, things you've appreciate, functionnalites you wish to have on the next release, problems you've got, bugs you 've found, ...

You can send your own feedbacks here

- Mon Jan 5 at 17:29, said :

I needed a reverse geocoder as a standalone solution, because I want to reverse geocode a huge volume of coordinates, as a one-time task. I still don't know for sure if Gisgraphy is the thing that will do, but so far I can say I'm impressed by this product (especially since it is developed by just one developer). Anyway I will recommend Gisgraphy as an alternate geocoding engine to my colleagues who might also need it.

- Wed Feb 17 at 10:42, said :

Hi! I'm using the "find nearby" feature to get the closest city to certain coordinates. Example: http://localhost:8080/geoloc/findnearbylocation?lat=51.8365537&lng=7.0562314&format=json&placetype=city This point is close to a palce in Germany called "Groß Reken". Groß Reken can be found when searching for it on the geonames website, but the "find nearby" webservice returns '{"QTime":20,"numFound":0,"result":[]}'. The thing is I'm trying to get the nearest city for a collection of about 200,000 coordinates, calling the local webservice in a loop. There are many points for which I get no results even if they are close to some cities. I guess I'll deal separately with those "no results" points, but I thought I'd just let you know about it. I'm using gisgraphy-2.0-beta, one of the latest snapshots (from a couple weeks ago). Thank you!

- Wed Feb 17 at 22:55, said :

hi you're right, i have entered a bug and i have fixed it.

- Thu Apr 22 at 0:25, said :

Hi, Just wanted to point out you have a number of typos on your front page. ". Its . " for instance. "appreciate" should be "appreciateD" etc. There are more. I guess you folks aren't native English speakers, which is fine, but I'd suggest you get someone with that level of English to proof-read your stuff. It'll make it look more professional plus be a little easier to read. I look forward to playing with this in the future. :-) Thanks.

- Fri Apr 23 at 16:43, gisgraphy said :

hi for typo, i know, that i have to do a lot of improvements, english is not my mother tongue, and i try to do some efforts (really). i know it will be more professional but for the moment the only thing i can do is try to be professional for the code :). i prefer to do it in english and be half understood rather than do it in french without mistake and restrict the scope of people than can use gisgraphy Any help will be appreciated David

- Fri May 21 at 17:19, said :

Hello Gisgraphy Team specially David, today i tested gisgraphy but i used the wrong ip address. Instead of my own gisgraphy service i used (Remote IP: and if you need help or manpower developing gisgraphy feel free to write me. regards - Oskar

- Thu Jul 1 at 13:29, said :

Thanks for Gisgraphy 2.0-beta that I'm trying out. Installs and starts OK. I've attempted an import via the web interface which started ok and began downloading geonames data. I had a network outage that then reported a socket error and aborted the import (see error below). I've then attempted to reset the import after confirming the reset via the button it just redirects to http://localhost:8080/admin/resetimport!confirm? ... that reports "Page not found". Repeating the import reports the same socket error even after even rebooting and restarting services. Specifically on this page .... http://localhost:8080/admin/import.html ... it reports beside for the GeonamesFileRetriever: 50% : 1 / 2 (1 left(s)) "Error : error retrieving or decompres file : Software caused connection abort: recv failed" . What can I do to reset GisGraphy with minimal effort? I've not imported any data so I don't mind dropping the database if needed. I'm a software engineer of 30 yrs with experience in most commonly used languages including Java/Hibernate etc. Not that experienced in Postgres but used many other SQL dialects including MySQL/phpMyAdmin tools. Thanks for GisGraphy and Geonames. Your contribution to open source and open data is seriously appreciated! Tony.

- Thu Jul 1 at 15:23, said :

Hi tony, the beta has a lot of problems that has been fixed in the final version (that will be out in july 2010).for the socket error, it is the first time i heard the problem, i must invetigate, i know that on ubuntu you sometimes, have to install a package : (see ? what is your OS, jvm version, have you got a firewell, is the file partially downloaded, or is it an extraction problem, can you extracte it by hand ? i suggest that you use a snapshot availables on the download server or wait two weeks for the final version (with many many fix, the reset has been re-develop form scratch, and son on). If you want, you can use sql dump and solr dump on the download server ( they are ok for gisgraphy beta not for gisgraphy snapshots. Hope it helps. if you still have problems, let a post on the forum, i will help you.

- Tue Jul 13 at 17:56, said :

Hi, thank you for this great software! I noticed United States postal codes are not available in the full-text search. The geonames site says they provide postal codes but in separate files. So my question is: Do you have any plans on integrating, importing, etc. postal code data with the rest of the database & text index? Thanks!

- Tue Jul 13 at 21:04, said :

Hi :), the zipcodes has been re develop from scratch in V2.0 and now a city can have more than one zipcode so i plan to do an importer in V 3.0

- Wed Aug 11 at 14:37, said :

I need to implement from Python search coords by country, zip/city and street (may be in future with street numbers) As I see, this feature is only i development: Add an address web service Pending Parse an address as string to extract number, street, city, zip, and then geocode it. Priority 1 Is there now possible to find coordinates of address as shown in example: If not - how long time? can we help you (donation,...)? Tank you very much Pavel

- Tue Sep 21 at 16:10, said :

Its too admirable & i`m really grateful about it.

- Thu Sep 23 at 5:04, said :

very nice and easy to set up. I have a custom address dataset that comes with with address ranges (from left, to left, from right, to right.) My search would be: House number > Street > Zip is there any way to use this with my custom data? Thanks! Melanie Ruff

- Tue Oct 5 at 15:22, said :

For my developments, this is the only available and functional solution within the web... neither Google nor Yahoo can give me such a good service with so few limits!! Thanks a lot!

- Thu Nov 25 at 2:44, said :

Hello there, I can help you about implementing your software in Kosovo, I really want to, please contact me back and tell me what can I do for you. Argjend

- Wed Dec 29 at 10:09, said :

Java client I currently developing an updated client for gisgraphy web services, which can be contributed to your project. Feel free to contact me if you interested.

- Fri Mar 4 at 11:43, said :

First, thank you for the great tool. One thing I noticed is that after the openstreetmaps data file is downloaded, all countries are extracted before importing. It is possible to reduce storage requirements and increase processing speed by "importing as you go." After a country is extracted, start an import thread for upto n threads. Once a file is complete, delete it. If the extractor gets too far ahead of the importers, it can be halted and another thread can be given to the importers. Regards, Steve

- said :

Hi, thanks for your feedback. i have try to multithread the importer but the gain is not the one expected. It is quicker but not divided by the number of threads running because there is some cititical section and some processor can not be multithreaded and should be done one after the other. Regards,

- Wed Oct 5 at 22:03, said :

Wonderful application- I've followed and learned much from it over the years. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tool! On the page: ...the link to the search add-in produces a not-found error. "Tips : Click on the search box : opensearch mozilla at the top right of the browser to add Gisgraphy in Firefox." the "Add link javascript:window.external.AddSearchProvider(''); is broken. Thanks!! --erics

- said :

Hi, it is now fixed in v 3.0. Regards,

- Sun Oct 30 at 20:40, said :

Good day, I am currently running the importer to import The first 8 steps of the importer process run in about 24 minutes. However, on the step 9; GeonamesFeatureImporter, the process appears to really slow down. In the Jetty console log I can see the following messages. Last night it took many hour to complete step 9. The following message is written many times in the jetty console log: WARN [btpool0-3] TokenHelper | Could not find token mapped to token name struts. token WARN [btpool0-4] TokenHelper | Could not find token mapped to token name struts. token [...] Is there something that I have not configured correctly? Thank you for making this service available. Bud Flynn

- said :

Hi, don't worry about this logs, it is a minor bug in struts2. Regards,

- Wed Dec 28 at 15:57, christian e said :

Hey David, i found your site by google. Its very an impressive project :) I tried myself set up nominatim last year but it failed because the machine was undersized and the database import crashed again and agian. I tried several configurations of memory usage etc. Now i'm motivated to try again :) How many geocodings is your server able doing per minute? What are the hardware requirements in your eyes? Is a peak of 5000 reverse geocodings per minute possible? Maybe i'll not try it before June, because i've to finish my bachelor. Would you be interested in set up that an server for 5000 reverse geocodings per minute and what a salary you think about therefor? Would it be an different setting up europe or the whole world and is the data automatically updated by osm diffs? with kind regards, christian

- said :

@christian e
Hi, i have done a lot of improvements in the geocoder in v 3.0 because the relevance of nominatim (force to separate words with comma was not correct to me) nor in gisgraphy v3.0. now the relevance is really good. Gisgraphy can serve as many request as you wish, it is internally designed to be scalable. Regards,

- 2012 Mar 19 at 9:11, said :

Hello! Incorrect operation of the service World Geocoding for Russia, Moscow streets. 1. Select a country : Russia 2. Enter city name and/or zipcode : Moscow(101100), Moskva 3. Type street name WITHOUT street number (with autocompletion) : Троицкий мост result : No Result found ! But, if to click on this link: >> Click here to display all streets of the city There is "Троицкий мост at 77,381 meters" in a street list, and other streets are "No Name Street"

- 2012 Mar 19 at 9:15, said : hi i got the correct result. can you please retry regards David

- 2012 Mar 21 at 17:58, said :

Hi, You do a really goob job ! But the link 3/4 N name with space 1 number blvd south floor 2 Missouri CA 12345-4536&country=us&indent=true&format=json in this page "" return dns error code. Best regards

- 2012 Mar 21 at 22:07, said : i have done the corrections. thanks a lot for the feedbacks

- 2012 Mar 27 at 15:27, said :

Why are there only links to show a position in googlemaps and yahoo maps - please take me to OpenStreetMap, too. Best regards Daniel

- 2012 Mar 28 at 8:17, said :

hi yes, you're right for openstreetmap link, i will add it ASAP

- 2012 Mar 29 at 15:39, said :

- 2012 Apr 9 at 2:20, said :

street parser gave an incorrect street type. 3611-219 Fort York Blvd Toronto ON Canada Reported street type as 'fort' when it is in fact a boulevard. Also it did not find 1199 Eight Line Oakville ON Canada.

- 2012 Apr 12 at 10:01, said :

Avenue de Versailles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latitude : 48,85; Longitude : 2,276 Longueur : 556,128 m(s); Se situe à : Paris 16 Passy; identifiant Openstreetmap : 4039405; ------------------------ PARIS 16 PASSY is not an offical town, the actual location is PARIS 16

- 2012 Apr 22 at 15:11, said :

@mybill and ppetain, both feedback are corrected. it will be available in v 3.0 final.thanks.

- 2012 Apr 22 at 18:24, said :

You converted "120 N Commercial St, Neenah, WI, 54956" to the following address in Florida: N W 120 St Pine Hill Estates. That's not even close.

- 2012 Apr 23 at 8:25, said :

the directions are not yet managed, i  will add the support in v 3.0 final.
Some improvements have already been done and it is correct in the next version to come.

Many thanks for the feedback.

- 2012 May 3 at 16:32, said :


I have some problem, and I want to make some consultation with you. In our software we need 1.000.000 request for reverse geocoding per day. did your service can support us, and does it free?

Regard Goran

- 2012 May 10 at 10:57, said :

it is not really a feedback :) but yes gisgraphy can handle has many requests as you need, it is scalable.

- 2012 May 29 at 3:46, said :

Thank you for such a great tool and the wealth of information on your website... invaluable for those looking for an open source geocoding solution.

I'll take my time to read it all then try the local install :)
very excited.

- 2012 May 30 at 0:23, said :

Connection Refused.  I get this error when trying to use your services.

- 2012 May 30 at 8:43, said :


you've got connection refused because  free servers are overloaded :(


- 2012 Jun 20 at 12:07, said :

Hi David,
   Thanks for your wonderful effort to bring Geocoding so easy and free. I went through Google and Bing, there hefty fee and policies scared me. Thanks once again David.

Sony Arouje

- 2012 Oct 5 at 8:13, said :

thanks :)

- 2012 Oct 16 at 18:12, said :

 i am a student. I want to use it in my project
but there is no special examples how to use with python
i have a several address,zipcode.
i want to get the lat,lng by address
Could you pelase help in this?

- 2012 Oct 18 at 18:46, said :


Brilliant work !!

You have to keep it up.

Your implementation is a lifesaver for startups everywhere.

I am reverse geocoding by sending a http request to your site like this

Then i parse the value to php from the xml file.

The reason im doing this is because your javascript tutorial is not very clear.

You have an exapmle but its to complicated. 

Any help

- 2012 Oct 19 at 8:21, said :


i understand that client lib are not well documented. it is noted. i will improve this soon. if you use PHP you can use the php output (you got an example at


- 2012 Oct 31 at 12:48, said :


I found an error in address geocoding (and also in fulltextsearch).

I'm looking for "Viale Aquileia" in Pordenone, Italy.
So the query is:,%20Pordenone%27&country=IT

But first result is "Viale Aquileia" in a city named "Sclavons".
There's no city named "Sclavons" in Italy. It's a quarter in a near city.
Also, second record is in city "roraipiccolo". Again there's no city Roraipiccolo in Italy. It's a quarter of Pordenone.

In facts, all these streets belongs to Pordenone.

It's possible that the algorithm identifies quarters as cities for Italian addresses?

I hope this could be useful for you.


- 2012 Nov 1 at 17:56, said :


unfortunatly it is not a bug in gisgraphy but it is due to the data. Geonames consider sclavons as a populate place (city): and not as a section of populate place (quater). Anyway i have already found some problems like this before and have made some modification in the new version.


- 2012 Nov 14 at 8:17, said :

The fulltext service seems to be down, i am getting the following: Error : Connection refused

- 2012 Dec 4 at 12:54, said :


Trying to download the installation for the MAC and none of the download files from this page work.

One such link is



- 2012 Dec 5 at 8:14, said :


i will try to correct the documentation. It is in my (very long) TODO list :) 


- 2012 Dec 7 at 15:57, said :

Nowhere does it clearly state what you do.

Can't you have some examples?

I'd like to be able to use my raw log stats to see what town people are at, who look at my site, but I'm not sure if I can do that; I don't know if the IP shows the town, or just the location of the host; I can't tell if I have batches of IPs whether I can feed them all in.

- 2012 Dec 13 at 9:30, said :


- 2013 Jan 4 at 4:45, said :

Very nice work .
very nice documentation
Thanks for this wonderful resource

- 2013 Jan 7 at 18:05, said :

Bug with the Google map not loading here:

- 2013 Jan 8 at 16:16, said :

to travis@easylocator

the page is dispalyed without any problems for me.

- 2013 Jan 13 at 23:19, said :

wp jh玩下你说

- 2013 Feb 20 at 15:23, said :

The geocoding service at address :
is not working, return this error:

Error : Connection refused

- 2013 Feb 20 at 22:44, said :

I'm interested in trying out your geocoding service ( but it appears to be broken (Error : Connection refused). Please advise.

Also, does your premium webservice support SSL?


- 2013 Feb 21 at 16:21, said :


servers are overloaded. i restart.


- 2013 Feb 25 at 12:25, said :

I would hereby like to point out that it appears some of your Webservices, including the 'Geocoding' engine have been returning the error message 'Internal error : Connection refused' on every URL Request sent. This also includes the sample URL's you provided yourself on your web links for each Webservice (i.e.:'1 avenue des champs elysees 75003 paris'&country=FR).

Looking forward to your specifications on this issue and hope you can resolve it in case you had not noticed.

Best Regards!
Dr. Michael Yao

- 2013 Feb 26 at 12:33, said :

On your compare site ( ) it looks like you are discarding the country value for some of the geocoders. Searching for 'London' in 'United States Of America' returns the capital of UK for most of the geocoders. And searching for 'London' in UK returns a US location for some geocoders. Searching for 'London, USA' and 'London, UK' using the api of each geocoder gives the expected result.

I am sure this is just a simple bug in your code but it would be nice to be able to compare the geocoders too see which one is the best.

- 2013 Feb 27 at 8:29, said :


it is not a bug, in fact it show that some geocoders should take a countrycode as parameter. e.g : when you search on google maps, you don't provide a countrycode, that's why I don't send the countrycode in some cases. I could append the name of the country to the searched address, but it would not be representative since it will change the user input.

- 2013 Mar 15 at 8:21, said :

default password and username "admin" "admin"

- 2013 Mar 15 at 12:03, said :

Just kidding..... 100% forgot to import users database!

- 2013 Mar 15 at 19:38, said :

I'm trying to test the geocoding web service, it appears to be down.  I'm getting connection refused error.

- 2013 Mar 22 at 12:32, said :

I tried some search, and it seems there is an error in the database. The ciy for France, with Zip Code 75016 seems to be Paris Passy. It is PARIS. 
If you try to geocode, 66 Avenue de versailles, Paris it doesn't work

- 2013 Mar 22 at 13:30, said :


for the zip code it is fix in v 4.0. it is due to geonames ( i have made a work around.

for the versailles street the correct streets is return with the correct lat/long. the problem is that this street is considered in boulogne billancourt. That's because we don't use boundary yet to detect city and in this case boulogne is nearest than paris center. 

I think, i should use boundaries in v 4.0.

- 2013 Mar 29 at 14:45, said :

You do not handle parsing my street name correctly because of confusion with the direction.

In my locale we use letters for roads that are in the county.  For example we have a County Rd J, County Rd M, County Rd N, County Rd Z, etc.

When you parse the County Rd N you are confused by it being a "direction" instead of a name.

- 2013 Mar 30 at 1:11, said :

It appears the webservice is broken. Every request returns: 

{"responseHeader":{"status":-1,"error":"Internal error : Connection refused","QTime":2},"response":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"maxScore":0.0,"docs":[]}}

- 2013 Apr 5 at 2:53, said :

converting from Google Maps Geocode in php:

Google returns 200 status when successful within the xml.

$status = $xml->Response->Status->code;

Gisgraphy returns HTTP error 500 when failure and xml when successful.

It would be great if Gisgraphy could return xml with a status code of the error, and define different error conditions back for the calling program to troubleshoot.
Something like:
700 - address not defined
701 - country not defined
702 - undefined postal value was "Europe" should be "Yes/No"
703 - Bad address parameter passed

Google has defined many errors: 602, 610, 620 etc. on failure.

- 2013 Apr 12 at 4:40, said :

Hi you guys.
this is a great project.
I have been trying for a week to convert from using Google maps
to gisgraphy without success.

I see your php examples, but I need some native php examples that do not use the libraries, just http and xml.

I tried simplexml_load_file($request_url) and simplexml_load_string($xml) without success.  I used these well with Google maps and no problems. 

Can you provide more/better php examples for a faster switch over?

Great work.

- 2013 Apr 12 at 9:21, said :, I have put an ewample with a rest client since it handles return codes.
 I think a simple 'file_get_contents' can do the job, then you can parse XMl (or evaluate PHP). Maybe I do not see the complexity...

- 2013 Jun 21 at 19:20, said :

For your services to be called as such .... (service)
you must be able to identify the countries...
Rhodes island belongs to Turkey ?
get serious

- 2013 Jun 27 at 8:25, said :


Thanks for your feedback, there is obviously a bug, as you know, nothing is perfect, but everything can be improve.
 Don't know why but this street is two times in the database : I will invetigate. those kind of error are hopefully rare.

- 2013 Jul 16 at 0:17, said :

"newyork,ny" fails to geocode.   A space after comma works.

- 2013 Jul 25 at 0:34, said :


Is it possible that the database of Belgium has been imported too for France

I receive Belgiums streets also in France. Example:!search.html?lat=51.065326&lng=3.588&radius=&streettype=&from=1&to=2&distance=true

If I use limit 1 then it shows always France as country. By limit 2, always first Belgium


- 2013 Jul 26 at 8:50, said :

hi wouters

in fact the problem will be fixed in v 4.0, it come from a country delimitations problems. 

I used to use data preprocessed by country but the delimitations was wrong, and some city was in two countries. 

In v 4.0 i will use my own delimitations


- 2013 Aug 7 at 12:38, said :

Using the address parser on the site (for United States), gives correct:
House Number : 4520
Type of street : HWY
State : PA
Zipcodes : 15146
However, using geocoding gives multiple options, none of which seem to match the actual geocode required.Works fine in google geocode API.

- 2013 Aug 12 at 15:59, said :

Hello, I'm using Gisgraphy Version 3.0-beta2. When I run the importer, I get stuck at the Open street map file retriever due to a missing file. It would be great if you could read the list of files dynamically. Thanks!

[INFO] [com.gisgraphy.importer.ImporterHelper] [12 Aug 2013 15:15:35,039] (importBackgroundThread,) : download file to ./data/import/openstreetmap/BJ.tar.bz2
[INFO] [com.gisgraphy.importer.ImporterHelper] [12 Aug 2013 15:15:35,125] (importBackgroundThread,) : ./data/import/openstreetmap/BJ.tar.bz2    468020
[INFO] [com.gisgraphy.importer.ImporterHelper] [12 Aug 2013 15:15:35,125] (importBackgroundThread,) : ./data/import/openstreetmap/BJ.tar.bz2    468020
[INFO] [com.gisgraphy.importer.ImporterHelper] [12 Aug 2013 15:15:35,126] (importBackgroundThread,) : download file to ./data/import/openstreetmap/BL.tar.bz2
[INFO] [com.gisgraphy.importer.ImporterHelper] [12 Aug 2013 15:15:35,126] (importBackgroundThread,) : download file to ./data/import/openstreetmap/BL.tar.bz2
[ERROR] [com.gisgraphy.importer.AbstractFileRetriever] [12 Aug 2013 15:15:35,170] (importBackgroundThread,) : error retrieving or decompres file : Sorry, the server return an 404 status code for, the file probably not exists or the URL is not correct
java.lang.RuntimeException: Sorry, the server return an 404 status code for, the file probably not exists or the URL is not correct
        at com.gisgraphy.importer.AbstractFileRetriever.downloadFiles(
        at com.gisgraphy.importer.AbstractFileRetriever.process(
        at com.gisgraphy.importer.ImporterManager.importAll(
        at com.gisgraphy.webapp.action.ImportAction.doImport(
        at com.gisgraphy.webapp.action.ImportAction.execute(
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
        at com.opensymphony.xwork2.DefaultActionInvocation.invokeAction(
        at com.opensymphony.xwork2.DefaultActionInvocation.invokeActionOnly(
        at org.apache.struts2.interceptor.BackgroundProcess$
Caused by: Sorry, the server return an 404 status code for, the file probably not exists or the URL is not correct
        at com.gisgraphy.importer.AbstractFileRetriever.downloadFile(
        at com.gisgraphy.importer.AbstractFileRetriever.downloadFiles(
        ... 12 more

- 2013 Aug 31 at 22:53, said :


I noticed some problems with reverse geocoding in Helsinki, Finland. For instance 60.152955, 24.883193 should return something like Vattuniemenkatu 18 Helsinki (Melkonkatu and Vattuniemenkuja would also be acceptable) but none of the answers actually mention Helsinki. Most of the time, it mentions Hanasaari, which is an area in a city next to Helsinki. Could it be due to faulty OSM data?

Geocoding however seems to work properly.

All the best for your service,

Pierre Leonard

- 2013 Oct 7 at 8:23, said :


The list of countries files have been updated for the new version.


- 2013 Oct 17 at 16:33, said :


I want to geocode my database of 50,000 property listings on daily basis, how can I do with gisgraphy with locally setup openstreetmap database?



- 2013 Oct 18 at 10:25, said :

you have to install it locally or subscribe to online services


- 2013 Oct 27 at 1:45, said :

AM trying to use your geocoding service but getting a connection refused error, see

- 2013 Oct 27 at 5:04, said :

The geocoder appears to be down.  Over several hours and differnt browsers every attempt to geocode returns:
Error : Connection refused.

- 2013 Oct 29 at 9:13, said :


When you got service temporary unavailable or connection refused it is because the server is overloaded.A new server will be up next month.


- 2013 Nov 12 at 7:53, said :


- 2014 Jan 6 at 18:05, said :

seems like gisgraphy data might be corrupt I keep putting in west cost address and its giving me address from the east cost. An example address is 7900 Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98103

output from comparison demo is:
 "id": 108898698,
 "lng": -85.32081303983537,
 "lat": 45.08200066385911,
 "geocodingLevel": "STREET",
 "name": "N Minne-Wa-Wa",
 "streetName": "N Minne-Wa-Wa",
 "streetType": "RESIDENTIAL",
 "city": "Torch Lake",
 "countryCode": "US"

Does gisgraphy do any sanity checking by verify the state matches the result?

- 2014 Jan 25 at 21:41, said :

right stuff !!!

- 2014 Feb 1 at 3:35, said :

Dear David,
Im writing this Message to thank you.
I have started using Gisgraphy from last week and i think this should really be an award winning project.
Thanks alot for making gisgraphy appreciate alot.
By the way. do you need a mirror host? i can you a ftp account from my IPOWER host if you need?

Once again thank you.I have no words to thank you :)


- 2014 Feb 17 at 17:44, said :

The demo at seems to be having some problems - using the address of a building at Temple University:

1101 West Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Nominatum, Google Maps, Placefinder and Mapquest all find the same location within a fairly small margin (i.e.. long of -75.152376 vs -75.152411 or even -75.15340459999999) - but gisgraphy is off by margins of up to a couple thousand miles. 


1101 West Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19122

interpreted variously as 

1101, West Montgomery Avenue, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 19122, United States of America - Nom

1101 West Montgomery Avenue, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA - google maps

West Philadelphia Avenue Las Vegas [NV] - gisgraphy ???

Changing 'avenue' to 'Ave' in my entered address, it at least goes to the correct state:

entered: 1101 West Montgomery Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19122
gisgraphy:  West Philadelphia Ave Shanesville [PA]

just thought you should know

- 2014 Mar 6 at 20:47, said :

Hi, how well are you integrated with belgium? I tried 3 addresses in Brussels and 2 of 3 were wrong. Or is there an issue with languages FR-NL ? Kind Regards

- 2014 Mar 28 at 12:59, said :

I just setup gisgraphy on ubuntu 12.10
Everything is working fine.
You Rock.

- 2014 May 30 at 19:46, said :

It would be helpful if your documentation specified how to configure which ports the the java servlets are to use.  I can't start gisgraphy because I get a failed socketconnector exception address already in use.  Investigating, I find postgres.exe is listening on that port.

- 2014 Jul 30 at 6:15, said :

very nice this tool.i like it too much

- 2014 Aug 29 at 14:54, said :

Et une carte Openstreetmap, ça ne serait pas mieux ?

- 2014 Sep 1 at 8:26, said :

Yes an openstreetmap map is better. it is done in v 4.0 :)

- 2014 Oct 21 at 22:59, said :


any chance of including support for Montenegro (ME)?


Milosevic Milos

- 2014 Oct 22 at 8:16, said :

Your street data for Malaysia seems to have duplicates marked as Indonesia.


- 2014 Oct 23 at 8:41, said :


support of montenegro is in v 4.0 :) and relevance have been improved too

- 2014 Oct 28 at 10:27, said :


I tested somewhat the reverse geocoding service at and found that for several locations in the vicinity of a state boundary (but still within Hungary) the (first) reply contained the countryCode of the other country (AT, SK). I understand that a border-close location is contained also in the overflowing part of a neighboring country's map tile, but still this is an unlucky phenomenon. 

Another thing I might mention is that the amount of the typos (in the English language version the pages) is menacing to reach a level where they become disturbing. 

I appreciate the effort put into the project: otherwise I would not give this feedback. And by the way the "Gisgraphy results comparator" is a remarkable feature! 


- 2014 Nov 27 at 14:09, said :


There are a lot of missing addresses in Denmark. 



- 2015 Mar 15 at 20:34, said :

Congrats! Nice app!

- 2015 Mar 16 at 8:49, said :

Your geocoder ( seems to ignore the postal code (for addresses in Germany) even if the address parser is enabled. This results in very poor results due to too many (false) results. 

- 2015 Apr 4 at 21:40, said :

This address could not be parsed using full text search

Croft Retail & Leisure Park, Welton Road, Birkenhead, Bromborough, Merseyside, CH62 3PN

It is a UK address. Merseyside is a county containing Liverpool.

- 2015 Jun 17 at 18:15, said :

I tested two addresses in your tool. The Gisgraphy results were way off. My home address geocoded to the wrong side of the planet. My office address geocoded to a point about 20 miles away. All of the other results were on point, with Google being the strongest. Yahoo even had better results! That's rough. Let me know if I can help test tools in the future or offer any other input.

Eric Brown

- 2015 Jul 31 at 12:13, said :

Subject: Now receiving "urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable" message

Good Morning;

I've been using your site via a python script for over a year in order to automate placement of some pins on (and similar maps).

Last evening, though, the script stopped working with the above error. I checked stackoverflow, which suggested that your service might no longer allow access via scripts.

If this is the case, is there any chance you could reverse this situation? (It's been very convenient to include gisgraphy in the process; and a good example to show my students.)

All the best - Dave

- 2015 Aug 18 at 21:50, said :

Bug in Version 4 Beta 1:

The admin page user list shows:

"Nothing found to display."

Instead of showing the admin and user users, even though I just logged in successfully with the admin user.

- 2015 Oct 29 at 17:57, said :


Thanks for the project but the data are out of date for Algeria.

- 2015 Nov 18 at 20:41, said :

I install gisgraphy and server is down.
How can i import de files.

- 2015 Dec 12 at 17:43, said :

REALLY awesome service. The swagger makes life so easy.

- 2016 May 10 at 17:03, said :


I've just installed gisgraphy via this dockerfile:

When I try to import data for germany i ran into this issue:

Error : An error occurred when processing GeonamesCountryImporter : An error occurred when processing countryInfo.txt : An Error occurred on Line 1 for AD	AND	020	AN	Andorra	Andorra la Vella	468	84000	EU	.ad EUR	Euro	376	AD###	^(?:AD)*(d{3})$	ca	3041565	ES,FR	: IllegalArgumentException occurred while calling setter of com.gisgraphy.domain.geoloc.entity.GisFeature.adm; nested exception is org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: IllegalArgumentException occurred while calling setter of com.gisgraphy.domain.geoloc.entity.GisFeature.adm

Any advice?


- 2016 Sep 17 at 19:10, said :

I was testing it with the below address.

Drey Road, Westminster 
•Latitude : 33.723784083531335
•Longitude : -117.98215677925475
•Street name : Drey Road
•Type of street : Residential
•City : Westminster
•Zipcodes : 92684
•State : Orange County

Zip code is incorrect, should be 92683

State is incorrect, gives county "Orange County"
State is California

Is U.S. supported?

- 2016 Sep 27 at 18:51, said :

Please add the country's name. The flags are nice names would be better.

- 2016 Nov 1 at 19:36, said :

         I am a developer looking to use your reverse geocoding web service, from an android app. Each user will make roughly about 4 requests per minute. Current users is around 500. My question is there a limit to this api, also how can I check if I crossed limit? what response will get in JSON ? I could not find examples for that


- 2016 Nov 9 at 22:33, said :

         I am writing you the second time sorry If I am annoying :(, but can you answer this simple question. I am writing android app, that needs reverse geocoding, and I noticed that you mention ALL you webservices are FREE for NON PROFIT uses. My app has both paid and free versions, but I include this reverse geocoding feature in both paid and free versions is this allowed? just a quick yes or no will do, please let me know 


- 2016 Nov 30 at 11:09, said :


Your site is amazing and really useful.  Although I think you need a little help with your English.  

Can I suggest you reword the following bullet points:

- 34 Milions of house numbers; 76 millions of streets; 7 millions of Pois; 4.3 millions of cities; 216 000 shapes of cities

- 34 million house numbers, 76 million streets, 7 million POIs; 4.3 million cities and 216,000 shapes of cities

- Splited by country, updated every months

- Split by country and updated every month

Thank you for providing a great resource.
Damian Fairholme

- 2016 Dec 10 at 16:31, said :

I noticed the word "splitted" on the English version of your website. I do not think that is the correct word for the past tense of split. Please consider replacing with "split".

- 2017 Jan 3 at 4:59, said :

Hi David,

I have looked at the pertinent parts of the documentation and tried a few things using the 'test' pages (so to speak) but am still confused about one thing.

Can gisgrahy do this: given a latitude/longitude - can it find the nearest CROSS street to that location?   Please note for my use the given lat/long will always be a location on some street - not a building location etc.

I tried selecting CROSSING - and it didn't find anything but I was just 'guessing' at that option.


- 2017 Apr 14 at 17:40, said :

I was looking to install this package, but no where could I find the software requirements, I assume it's Linux and java, but I have no idea.  There should be a Requirements and an Installation document somewhere.  

If there is and I missed it, please let me know. 

Thank you.



- 2017 Apr 20 at 21:17, said :

Complete lack of success on multiple searches using online geocoding web service. I tried the address at work (95 Brown Rd, Ithaca NY 14850), my home address, a New York State office building for an agency I work with (625 Broadway, Albany NY 12233), the main administrative building at Cornell University (144 East Ave, Ithaca NY 14853). All with and with-out zip codes, with and without the "Postal Address" checkbox selected.

Most attempts just returned an unspecified "Error!". Rarely, some combination returned a list of 30 to 40 items that did not match the address -- different streets (generally not even near the target by multiple miles). One combination for my home address at least hit the correct street, but missed the location by about 6 miles.

On the rare occasions when there were any items returned, metadata was peculiar. Some locations (though not the place I was looking for) were correctly identified as "Tompkins County" but that datum was returned in the "State" field, which it isn't.

A pity. Project looked promising until I tried to use it. I do not expect the downloadable version to work any better...