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Important Notes

Here are the releases of Gisgraphy. Binary distributions include:
  • Full-text and Gisgraphy web application.
  • JETTY's utilities to run Gisgraphy easily.
  • HTML documentation.
  • SQL scripts.
  • Config files.
  • Some client libraries.

If you are interesting in downloading data you can go to:
You DON'T have to download data by yourself. The Gisgraphy importer will download it for you. You only need to download it if you are interested in using the data in an other way than in Gisgraphy.
The releases are designed to be easily installed and run. You just need to install a PostgreSQL database and execute the launch script. To learn more on how to install Gisgraphy, see the installation guide. If you need it we can also install it for you
The releases have been tested on Linux, Windows, on JVM 1.5, 1.6, 7 and 8. If you have problems, post a message on the forum.

The Gisgraphy project is a free open-source project under the LGPL license V3. GeoNames data is under the creative commons attributions license. OpenStreetMap data is under the ODbl license. For Quattroshapes, you will find more information on this dedicated page

If you use Gisgraphy, please help us to make Gisgraphy popular by including this logo to your website:


Latest release

Note that only v4.0 and above are compatible yet with PostGIS 2.0
4.0-beta1Gisgraphy-4.0-beta1.zipchange log

Gisgraphoid logoGisgraphoid

Gisgraphoid is a part of the Gisgraphy project (as the Gisgraphy address parser, and the Gisgraphy geocoder). It gives you the ability to do geocoding on your Android mobile or tab with the same Geocoder API as Google but with Gisgraphy. Free, no Google API needed by the phone, no API key. You can display the result on OpenStreetMap or Google maps (Google API key required). Gisgraphoid is packaged as a jar or an apklib. A demo application is also available to help on how using it.


I "frequently" upload some nightly builds for people that needs urgent bug fixes or new functionalities. They are provided without any warranty and those versions will not be supported.

You can download the snapshots on the Gisgraphy download server

Previous Releases

3.0-beta2Gisgraphy-3.0-beta2.zipchange log
2.1.1Gisgraphy-2.1.1.zipchange log

Source Repository

You can find information on the source repository here.

Maven 2 Repositories

The Maven repo is here.