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Download data

download server

If you are interesting in downloading data you can go to :

  • The Gisgraphy download server. You will find
    • The raw OpenStreetMap PBF files split by country
    • All the streets, cities, point of interests, and house numbers from OpenStreetMap and converted in CSV format to ease the import. There is one file per country and a file with all the countries. In addition to the native OpenStreetMap data, some pre-calculated fields (length, middle point) are added to the CSV format.
    • The shapes of more than 160,000 cities and localities extracted from Quatroshapes with associated geonames Id

  • The Geonames download server is also useful

You DON'T have to download data by yourself. The Gisgraphy importer will download it for you. You only need to download it if you are interested in using the data in an other way than in Gisgraphy.

Custom / premium dump

If you are interested in buying dumps to avoid long import (SolR/Lucene dump for fulltext engine and PostgreS SQL dump) go to the premium page


Download Gisgraphy

If you are interested in downloading Gisgraphy, go to the download page.