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Gisgraphy Addons

Gisgraphy is available in multiple ways with add-ons :

OpenSearch Module

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.
It is supported by Internet Explorer (for versions >= 7) and Firefox (for versions >= 2).
It give users the ability to add the Gisgraphy search engine in the search box of the browser :

OpenSearch in Internet Explorer 7 : openSearch in Internet Explorer 7

OpenSearch in Firefox : openSearch in Firefox

To add Gisgraphy in Firefox, go to the fulltext search page, simply click on the menu of the searchbox and select "add gisgraphy", then you will have the ability to do searches with Gisgraphy :

add gisgraphy openSearch in Firefox

You can do the same In Internet explorer :

add gisgraphy openSearch in internet explorer
Note that you can search even if you're not on the Gisgraphy web site.