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Developer guide

This page is specially written for those who want to develop on Gisgraphy. Gisgraphy is a Java framework; it gives you all you need to start. Got a cool tip, example, or solution? Help other Gisgraphy users by adding your feedback or adding a post on the forum.

Get the source code

All the source code is available:

A little bit of technical detail...

  • Spring services / Hibernate mapping with a custom Hibernate dialect.
  • Lucene schema.
  • Uses PostgreSQL / PostGIS.
  • Built using Maven2.
  • Automatic synchronisation between PostgreSQL and Solr.
  • High test coverage (more than 1000 tests as of when this page was written).
  • Event based design.
  • UTF-8 used throughout.
  • Gisgraphy has it's own Maven repository with all the dependencies.
  • Designed with DSL (Domain Specific Language).
  • Designed with the DDD paradigm.
  • Tested to avoid memory leaks
  • Test are run for each release to see if performance is good


Gisgraphy is based on Maven 2; you simply need to be familiar with it. To ease the build, a dedicated Maven repository is available. You have to Install PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and set up a Gisgraphy database as you would do for a common Gisgraphy installation. Then run:
	mvn clean test
To compile and run the tests.

IDE / Eclipse

Personnaly, I use Eclipse to develop in, but you can use NetBeans or any other IDE. To set up Gisgraphy in Eclipse :
  • Go to File-> New-> Project from SVN
  • Then create a new location repository with the source repository link you can find on the checkout page
  • Once it is checked out, open a command line and run a "mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse"
  • Go back to Eclipse and refresh the project into your workspace (right click->Refresh).


Just a short reminder about license. Gisgraphy is developed under the LGPL license. This license is more flexible than the GPL license (which is copy left, that's to say, you must give all the sources you modify and all the projects or libraries that use a GPL license). with LGPL you can use Gisgraphy for commercial use, modify it in any way. You must give all the sources you modify but you are not obliged to re-distribute sources of the project that use Gisgraphy.

The Geonames data are under the creative commons attributions license. OpenStreetMap data is under the ODbl license. For Quattroshapes, you will find more informations on this dedicated page