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Changes Gisgraphy Project

Release History

1.02008-23-01First release
2.02010-08-03second release
2.12010-10-31improvements of v2.0
3.0beta12012-01-03improvements of v2.1
4.0 beta12015-07-30 

Release 1.0 - 2008-23-01

addFirst release.David Masclet

Release 2.0 - 2010-08-03

updateAdd the ability to import openstreetmap database and use them in a web servicesDavid Masclet
addPython clientDavid Masclet
updateSome L10N improvementDavid Masclet
addAdd the ability to change the localeDavid Masclet
updateImprove XHTML on pagesDavid Masclet
addSolr auto commit every 10000 docs or 300000 msDavid Masclet
updateImprove doc and siteTim King
updateSolr logo updateDavid Masclet
fixGeoloc service for ADM or Country throws an exceptionDavid Masclet
updateAdd some fields for geolocservice for Country and Adm (level)David Masclet
fixPagination parameters 'from' and 'to' was not reset when closing popupDavid Masclet
addAdd a page to describe the servicesDavid Masclet
fixSome features contains EnhancerByCGLIB when synchronize with solrDavid Masclet
updateGeonameFeatureImporter : change the way Country are detect and updatedDavid Masclet
updateSolRSynchroniser : adm Parents are treated when Adm are syncDavid Masclet
fixReset the response buffer before sending errors to avoid "getOutputStream() has already been called"David Masclet
addAdd javascript capabilities for adding gisgraphy opensearch moduleDavid Masclet
fixDisplayfeature won't throw if the country name is not known Search result won't throw if the country name is not knownDavid Masclet
fixUnknow feature class / feature code (UNK_UNK) are considered as gisFeature, not as vineYardDavid Masclet
updateImprove statistique pageDavid Masclet
fixImportFailure.jsp won't throw a NullPointerExceptionDavid Masclet
fixZipcode is of type string to correct the problem that zipcode which starts with zero are not well handled (e.g : 01234 was considered as 1234)David Masclet
addLog IP adress for Geoloc and Fulltext servlet callDavid Masclet
removeremove seters for GeolocResultDto and FulltextResultsDtoDavid Masclet
updateextract code that check XPath in AbstractIntegrationHttpSolrTestCase to a class called XpathCheckerDavid Masclet
update404 page send an 404 error status code instead of 200David Masclet
fixAdd an entry for UNK.UNK in features.propertiesDavid Masclet
addAdd launch script for macintoshDavid Masclet
updateModify Launch scriptDavid Masclet
fixFix Bug UTF-8 problem on non-Linux platforms : Masclet
addFix advanced search URL for reverse geocoding and street search remove the ability to search for 'no name street'David Masclet
addAdd how many times all the services has been called on the stats pageDavid Masclet
updateRemove some unused code and some alert() in js APIDavid Masclet
updateServlet send a 500 status code when an error occurred instead of 200David Masclet
updateGeolocServiceException has been renamed to GeolocSearchExceptionDavid Masclet
updateAlternateNameSource is @Enumerated(EnumType.STRING) in AlternateName so, it is character varying(255) in the databaseDavid Masclet
addAdd the ability to specify a google map api keyDavid Masclet
addAdd the ability to specify a google analytics codeDavid Masclet
fixGeonames country importer does not ignore the fist line anymoreDavid Masclet
addAdd fulltext search for street namesDavid Masclet
fixReset import throw a 404 not foundDavid Masclet
updateModify importerManager.isAlreadydone (it is now managed by a file that act as a flag)David Masclet
updateChange importer rollback implementation : the rollback drop and recreate all necessary tables dynamicallyDavid Masclet
updateGeonamesprocessorException has been renamed to ImporterExceptionDavid Masclet
updateIndex for geonames database and openstreetmap are done by the importer,no need to run the script manuallyDavid Masclet
updateDocs and installation guides have been updated to reflect forum questionsDavid Masclet
addsolRsynchroniser will retry on error (3 times by default). it may avoid 'Connection Reset' ExceptionDavid Masclet
fixreset import throw a 404 not found exceptionDavid Masclet
fixautocompletion of street names starts when at least 2 char are typedDavid Masclet
fixTests of (featureCodeTest) was dependant of the locale of the machineDavid Masclet
updateWhen do an Ajax request for street name autocompletion : Cancel the last Ajax requests, only one request done simultaneouslyDavid Masclet
updateLazy street names autocompletion : we doesn't make ajax request if number of suggestions is < number of max results expected (Thats mean that the result is already present in the suggestions)David Masclet
updateAdd new links on statistics pageDavid Masclet
updateto be clearer the option importerConfig.countriesFileName has been renamed to importerConfig.countriesFileNameDavid Masclet
updateto be clearer the option importerConfig.countriesFileName has been renamed to importerConfig.countriesFileNameDavid Masclet
fix : street search webservice should be accent insensitiveDavid Masclet
fixfix advanced search URL for reverse geocoding and street searchDavid Masclet
updateremove the ability to search for 'no name street'David Masclet
updateLocalize legend of status importDavid Masclet
fix : memory leak (DBCP/ prepareStatement pool)David Masclet
updateupdate struts2 to 2.1.8 to be able to disable ognl cache to eat less memoryDavid Masclet
fixfix issue : create boudingbox method in distance restriction sometimes return bad valuesDavid Masclet
fixfix issue : Street find webservice returns wrong streetDavid Masclet
updatestreet webservice does not sort the result by distance_sphere(middle of the street, point) anymore. It sort by distance (not distance sphere) between the line and the pointDavid Masclet
updatestreetType is stored as a string not an integerDavid Masclet
fixFIX bug : display Search for streetnames in Russian fails Masclet
fixfile will be extracted even if retrieve file is falseDavid Masclet
fixAn error page is display if the importerMetadata directory is not available and we can't determine if the import is done or notDavid Masclet
fixGeonamesAlternateNameImporter ignored Countrycode null and empty (no alternatename without countrycode was inserted)David Masclet
fixalternateName importer use extracted files, so alternatenames will be imported this order : country, adm1, adm2, others. and all the features will have the adm1 and adm2 and country alternatenames in solr (solr is not relationnal and we need to have alle the adm / countries alternate names first)David Masclet
updatezipcode is not a field anymore, but a list associated to gisfeatureDavid Masclet
fixopensearch module won't send 404 anymoreDavid Masclet
addAdd the ability to retrieve geoloc or street without DistanceDavid Masclet
adddownload files for the importer have a more precise progression bar, that checks the file size instead of the number of filesDavid Masclet

Release 2.1 - 2010-10-31

fixTake the fact that now language name is not unique anymoreDavid Masclet
fixmalformed encoding properties when import data : \xxxxxDavid Masclet
fixfulltext query terms are trimedDavid Masclet
fixfulltext search with featureID with space at the begining or at the end doesn't fail anymoreDavid Masclet
fixset a connection timeout for retrieving remote http file size, so if no internet connection is found, the satus page won't failDavid Masclet
addimporter have status 'unknow' if we can not determine the progression of an importerDavid Masclet
addUpdate displayfeatures page with some country fieldsDavid Masclet
fixthere was only one spoken languages for fulltext webservice Masclet

Release 3.0beta1 - 2012-01-03

addExtract some common libraries (gisgraphy-commons, gisgraphy-utils, universalserialiser) to reuse it in client or anywhere elseDavid Masclet
updateMigrate to solr 3.1David Masclet
updateFulltext search do not use hack when countrycode or placetype is specifyDavid Masclet
removeRemove requesthandler typed in solrConfig.xmlDavid Masclet
updateExtract ouputformat enum because we get method that are not directly in relation with format,(that doesn't allow reuse)David Masclet
updateGeoloc result feed format change : Zipcodes in geoloc result is now wrap around a <zipCodes> element in XML e.g: <zipCodes><zipCode>75000</zipCode><zipCode>75001</zipCode></zipCodes>David Masclet
addStreetsearch and geoloc search can now output ruby, php, and pythonDavid Masclet
addPossibility to add a callback method for script output (php, ruby, python, json) for street and geoloc searchDavid Masclet
addPossibility to add several placetype for the fulltext search.David Masclet
updateExtract the building of fulltextquery, geolocquery and streetsearchquery into separate builderDavid Masclet
fixWhen the openstreetmapimporter is disabled : the openstreetmapfulltextbuilder returns an error. ( Masclet
fixSpecial char in queryString for fulltext service are removed, this avoid the use of nested queriesDavid Masclet
addAdd the abbility that all words are not mandatory in fulltext searchDavid Masclet
addThe location (point with lat/long) is not required anymore on street search. that allow to do a fulltextsearch on all streetDavid Masclet
updateLanguageImporter accept duplicates code and null iso639Alpha3LanguageCode if iso639Alpha2LanguageCode is specifyDavid Masclet
fixCorrect misspell MOTROWAY=>MOTORWAY change wrong unit (km=>m) in display streetDavid Masclet
fixBetter loggingDavid Masclet
fixImporter status throw when there is too much line (int=>long)David Masclet
updateImprove the way we retrieve http file sizeDavid Masclet
updateConsider zipcode as keyword (not tokenized, not split for whitespace, and so on , case insensitive)David Masclet
updateWe can now do a fulltext search on openstreetmap (new specific fields added : street_type,one_way, length). The 'openstreetmap street' are included in a fulltext search on any placetype.David Masclet
updateImporterConfig.importGisFeatureEmbededAlternateNames=true by defaultDavid Masclet
addAdd the ability to do a fulltext search AND specify a GPS point and radius to restrict the searchDavid Masclet
fixCountry code is now set in java bean FulltextresultDTODavid Masclet
updateStatistics are no longer reset when reseting importDavid Masclet
addAdd openstreetmap id (required) to the street webservice feedDavid Masclet
addAdd is_in field to the street webservice feedDavid Masclet
fixGeonamesFileRetriever and openstreetmapFileRetriever return a correct importerstatus even if there is already downloaded files.David Masclet
addAdd a CRUD page in admin to search and edit, modify, add streets and placeDavid Masclet
addAdd a CRUD page in admin to search and edit, modify, add streets and placeDavid Masclet
removeRemove the mode parameter for street service. it is now always contains. use the fulltext webservice with placetype=street insteadDavid Masclet
addAdd the is_in fields in solr query fields when placetype is streetDavid Masclet
addAdd the ability link geonames and openstreetmap database by getting the nearest city for a street and fill the openstreetmap isIn field via an importerConfig option in : importerConfig.openstreetmap.fill.isin.fieldDavid Masclet
addAdd a wizard for importerDavid Masclet
addImprove solr memory usageDavid Masclet
addGisgraphoid, gisgraphy lib to geocode on androidDavid Masclet
addadd an option searchForExactMatchWhenGeocoding to give the ability to search for address and other placeDavid Masclet
addadd an option useAddressParserWhenGeocoding to give the ability to disable the address parser and go to offline mode, without any call to gisgraphy serverDavid Masclet

Release 4.0 beta1 - 2012-01-03

fixcallback method is missing end ');'David Masclet
fixFormat parameter is not taken into account in street search and geolocquery( Masclet
fixGeocodingLevel is not correct in geocoding ws( Masclet
updateOption useAddressParserWhenGeocoding is disable by defaultDavid Masclet
addAdd postal parameter to addressquery to enable the address parser at query time.David Masclet
fixstats were not incremented for address parserDavid Masclet
fixgeocoding with accent in city fails : Masclet
fixreseting callback parameter for geoloc and street query was not taken into accountDavid Masclet
updateoption importerConfig.importGisFeatureEmbededAlternateNames is false by default.David Masclet
addAdd java client for all webservices.David Masclet
addadd direction (pre-dir and post-dir)management in geocoderDavid Masclet
fixfix some display problems. pagination is reset for new search.David Masclet
addWe link streets no nearest city that have no number in names (some city subdivision are consider as city but should not)David Masclet
fix : OR and AND in upper case cause fulltext engine to crash.David Masclet
updateWhen we search for nearest city during osm import, we only consider french city with population >0David Masclet
updateAdd a new, more userfriendly UI to edit street/pointDavid Masclet
updateRefactor jar dependencies and packages (gisgraphy-commons,gisgraphy-utils,addressparser-commons)David Masclet
fixone_way and length are not filled by default (length used to be 0 by default even if not filled)David Masclet
addadd the ability filter populated place as municipality in geolocsearch engineDavid Masclet
addcity can now be flaged with 'municipality' to filter real municipality from popoluated placeDavid Masclet
addadd is_in_place,is_in_adm_is_in_zip,fully_qualified_address to streetsDavid Masclet
updateupdate streettype possibles values with most frequent values () Masclet
addAdd the ability to give a structured address to geocodeDavid Masclet
fixA fulltext query without space between comma failed (now it is ok)David Masclet
addAdd shape to gisfeature (Goal cities will shapes)David Masclet
addAdd openstreetmap cities importerDavid Masclet
addAdd openstreetmap POI importerDavid Masclet
addAdmBuilding, Bench, Cinema, Dentist, Doctor, EmergencyPhone, FerryTerminal, FireStation, Fountain, Fuel, NightClub , Pharmacy, Rental, Shop, SwimmingPool, Taxi, Telephone, Toilet, VendingMachine, VeterinaryDavid Masclet
addcheck that all files that will be downloaded are not 404/500 and don't check url file size if retrieve file is false (based on user feedbacks):David Masclet
addparse apikey for each request receive by HTTP.David Masclet
addupdate yahoo google and openstreetmap with new URLs, but the URLs are no longueur available as a field, you have to process it from the results.David Masclet
addAdd the ability to filter POI to import by place types.David Masclet
addReset import now works on gg chrome ( Masclet
removeRemove experimental partial searchDavid Masclet
addmanage slovakia and czech housenumber ( Masclet
addbetter management of alphabet (e.g:Duchnovičová)David Masclet
addcountry code is no longuer mandatory for geocodingDavid Masclet
fixlatitude or longitude could now starts with spaceDavid Masclet
addalternatenames doesn't contain duplicatesDavid Masclet
addzipcodes doesn't contain duplicatesDavid Masclet
addfulltext engine (dto) now return the scoreDavid Masclet
addAdd a dedicated Reversegeocoding service that return address (Street search only returns street, and now v 4.0 is roof top, so we need something more precise)David Masclet
addAll words are not required for fulltext searchDavid Masclet
addAll word decompounder (german)David Masclet
addAdd a form to geocode structured addressDavid Masclet
addAdd quattroshapes importerDavid Masclet
addAdd postgis 2.0 compatibilityDavid Masclet
addImprove importer performance by the creation of GIST index (if it doesn't already exists)David Masclet
addAdd a leaflet pluginDavid Masclet
addAdd our own decompoundDavid Masclet
addImprove synonyms managementDavid Masclet
addAdd a 'suggest' parameter to allow autocompletion/ autosuggestionDavid Masclet
adduse filter query for fulltext query (improve performance)David Masclet
addmigrate from acegi to spring securityDavid Masclet
addGeocoding now output the parsed address in a specific field (parsedAddress)David Masclet
addAdd a map with the shape of feature and city when we display infos on html pageDavid Masclet
addfulltext : promote nearest results (not sorted!) when a location is givenDavid Masclet
addadd smart street detectionDavid Masclet
addadd the abbility to specify the default number of result and the max one separatetly, for service that are paginate (fulltext=>10/20, street=>10/50, geoloc=>10/10)David Masclet
addmigrate to github.David Masclet