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Gisgraphy Donations and Benefactors

Gisgraphy Donations and Benefactors

Providing the free services costs money every month - and more and more people use them. You can support my work on Gisgraphy by making a donation via PayPal.
Gisgraphy lives with your donations; it helps us to buy more servers for greater performance.
Many thanks in advance.


Here is the list of people who have contributed to Gisgraphy :

NameMailContribution TypeContribution
David Mascletdavidmasclet@gisgraphy.comDevelopmentMain developer
Marc Wickmarc@geonames.orgGeonamesGeonames was founded and is currently maintained by Marc Wick
Sami Dalouchesami.dalouche@gmail.comDevelopmentCode
Tim Kingtgking@gmail.comre-worked the documentation and websiteCode
Tobias Karzeltobias.karzel@gmx.deL10N correct a lot of errors in English and provides translations for German

I strongly thank them. if you also want to help in any way, here is a list of things you could do :

  • Re-read site and correct errors (English is not my mother tongue)
  • Host some download mirrors
  • Add new features
  • Help to support the cost of the free services
  • Many things more...