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About me

Hi all, my name is David Masclet. I am a software engineer and I really like GIS and all the stuff around it. (see my CV in French). I also like agility (SCRUM,XP).

See my linkedin david masclet linked in profile or my Viadeo david masclet Viadeo page

I started Gisgraphy on November 2006, with the initial goal to offer a free, open source and easy way to use Geonames data.

Step by step, I've build the framework; first an importer with an IHM, then geolocalisation, a fulltext webservice and a back office with statistics.

Then I thought that an open-source geocoder would be useful, so I extended the framework with an importer for OpenStreetMap and developed some other web services (Street, Address parser, geocoding).

My goal was to :

  • Provide and support a lot of languages (XML, JSON, PHP, Ruby, Python, Atom, RSS / GeoRSS , more to come)
  • Create high quality software with good test coverage
  • Make it easy to install, (a minimum to configure)
  • Offer fully internationalized service, with a lot of languages supported
  • Provide an Opensearch module

I hope this is the case. I am currently the only developer.

Gisgraphy needs you, please give us some feedback, on the services, things you've appreciated, functionality you wish to have on the next release, problems you've got, bugs you've found, ... I also have a blog (in French) where I put some tips and tutorials. You can send me a mail